Extend Your Reality With WebAR

Scan a QR code anywhere, and launch a 3D overlayed experience – extended reality. Overlay 3D objects images, place objects, trigger animations, and enable social sharing for powerful immersive applications.

Boost your e-commerce platform with product visualizations in real-world contexts. B2B can showcase their intangible tech solutions working on real-objects to explain concepts better. Create extraordinary brand experiences that wow customers. Enhance your trade shows and events by placing QR codes of your offerings to engage your audiences.

use cases
Product Demonstrations:

Create detailed and interactive product demonstrations, allowing clients to explore products in a 3D space, customize product features, and visualize offerings in their own environments.

Event Engagement

With travel and in-person events facing disruptions, offer immersive engagement with WebAR. Set up virtual booths, interactive tours, showcasing your solutions.

Sales Enablement

Use WebAR as powerful tool for sales teams, allowing them to showcase products or services in a more engaging and detailed way. Reps could demonstrate large equipment fitted and functioning in a client’s workspace.

Training & Simulation

Utilize WebAR for training and simulation purposes, providing interactive and immersive learning experiences through web browsers. Train employees on complex equipment usage, procedures, or safety protocols.

Brand Engagement

Create engaging, interactive brand experiences that stand out and capture attention. This could involve AR games, interactive storytelling or AR social campaigns.

Key Capabilities

Object Recognition

Trigger augmented content by your camera recognizing specific images, patterns, or real-world objects, enabling interactive experiences tied to printed materials, logos, products.

Dynamic Visual Effects

Integrate animations, voice over and sound into the AR experience for visually appealing dynamic elements.

3D visuals & Gestures

Overlay 3D models into the real world and interact with objects using simple hand gestures.

Social Sharing

Capture and share AR experiences on social platforms, promoting user engagement and viral sharing.


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