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The perfect pitch to sell

In construction it pays to follow a simple rule: the right tool for the right job. Meet Vmersive, a 3D immersive platform with ultra-realistic environments. With a fully functional construction site and virtual showroom, you can demonstrate your equipment, tech solution or operations in action – in hyper-realistic environments. And create limitless immersive experiences which are customizable, interactive, and accessible to prospects across the globe.    


dollars is the expected size of the Digital twin market by 2028.

*Source:  A recent report by Grand View Research
For construction and real estate companies
Supercharge your sales pitch

Show potential clients how you execute large scale projects with a virtual site tour.Demonstrate worker safety measurements, your quality checks, or how you drive operational excellence in an immersive Metaverse experience.

For enterprises selling products and services
Showcase equipment in action

Every construction site is different. Convince clients that your equipment is up to the job by providing a demo in a virtual space that matches their brief.

For tech and telecom providers
Connect people to your tech, with our tech

Do you sell super fast connectivity for remote construction sites? Or provide solutions for asset tracking, or wearable safety tech? Use Vmersive to show where – and how – your  solutions work, to boost your prospects’ confidence and close deals faster.

Build immersive experiences on demand, all in one platform

Meet as avatars in ultra-realistic immersive 3D environments. Showcase your products or tech-enabled intangible solutions. Interact and collaborate in real time. Dazzle your audience by activating their multi-sensory experience.

Create multi-sensory VR experiences that engage and excite your audience. Immerse them in a highly interactive virtual walkthrough. Showcase your products or tech-enabled intangible solutions.

Host interactive 3D experiences in ultra-realistic 3D environments. Showcase your solutions in an immersive way. Interact, engage and collaborate in real-time.

Prebuilt Digital Twins don’t fit your use case?

We can either build a custom 3D digital twin for you or import your existing 3D model into the Vmersive platform. This lets you craft immersive experiences using your digital twin.

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