Create a Virtual showroom in Metaverse

No boundaries, no limits in your Vmersive store.

Imagine enabling your customers to shop 24/7 in a 3D, interactive, virtual showroom. Customers can walk around, browse and explore your products, helped by smart AI sales reps. Reps can be trained in minutes. They can speak40+ languages! Your customer can invite a friend into the shop to help them makeup their mind. And, if they need to organize finance, your bank rep can help on the spot.  Our team will build a unique, custom showroom for you, or you can use one of our 10+ virtual-showroom templates.

use cases
Automobile virtual showroom

Show your cars in ultra-realistic rendering. Don’t just provide information, give customers an interactive adventure. Let them experience the infotainment system or a drive through the Alps.

Retail virtual showroom

Show your gadgets, clothes, body-care products, jewellery etc.. in a 3D, walkable showroom. Replace featured products instantly. Run tactical promotions digitally. Integrate with ecommerce and drive conversions.

Large products virtual showroom

When you’re selling large products or machines, you normally have to wait until the customer can visit your showroom. Why not accelerate that whole sales cycle, by inviting them to your virtual showroom?

Let them experience it in 3D. Your avatar-based sales rep will give them the confidence to proceed with the purchase by explaining features in full detail.

Product launches

New product launches - set yourself apart from the crowd and deliver the most immersive, engaging virtual experience with Vmersive. Let your customers view your new product features.

Key features

Customizable MetaSpaces

Instantly customize your MetaSpaces with logo, branding, media, hotspots to personalize every experience


Do business in the Metaverse with HD voice, video and chat in real-life 3D MetaSpaces


One platform to create Metaverse, VR and Immersive experiences on-demand in minutes


Create Virtual showrooms or showcase your product variants with the customizable interactive configurator


Details insights in to user engagement in your event with drill-down views and reports for informed decision making


Join by any web browser, powered by pixel streaming for fast lag-free experiences

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