Create your virtual experience center in Metaverse

A truly immersive, personalized Metaverse customer experience

Spin up a virtual customer experience center in a few days, and open up a world of possibilities. No long wait times. No unaffordable budgets to get started. Meet top executives in your futuristic, high-end 3D virtual center in the Metaverse. Talk to them as if in real-life. Demonstrate products. Showcase the latest tech such as IoT or robotics. Personalize every customer visit by dynamically changing content. Close high-end sales opportunities faster. Overcome travel barriers and attract a global audience on your Vmersive virtual customer platform.

use cases
Engage with your customers

Gain the confidence of new prospects by showcasing your brand history, your vision, your solutions. Bring them into immersive 3D spaces where they see your delivery centres, talk to your people and connect with your brand.

Peek into your future innovations

Showcase your future innovations in product and technologies. Get them interested at an early stage, seek feedback. Help them find the right answers for their business.

Virtual demos

Product launches, demos - set yourself apart from the crowd and deliver the most immersive, engaging virtual customer experiences with Vmersive.

Close high-end deals faster

Teleport your key sales prospect into a factory, warehouse, banking, retail and many more. Demo your product showing how it works, how it benefits them. Enhance confidence and accelerate sales.

Expand existing relationships

Showcase the full breadth of your solutions to your customers. Show them potential use cases or transformed stories, branches or warehouses in 3D.

Key features

Customizable MetaSpaces

Instantly customize your MetaSpaces with logo, branding, media, hotspots to personalize every experience


Do business in the Metaverse with HD voice, video and chat in real-life 3D MetaSpaces


One platform to create Metaverse, VR and Immersive experiences on-demand in minutes


Create Virtual showrooms or showcase your product variants with the customizable interactive configurator


Details insights in to user engagement in your event with drill-down views and reports for informed decision making

Device agnostic

Join by any web browser, powered by pixel streaming for fast lag-free experiences

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