Conduct Immersive training in Metaverse

Train in the Metaverse – benefit in the real world.

Vmersive allows learners to practice first in the metaverse, where it’s low cost – and without any risk to safety or hurting customer experience. With prebuilt realistic environment there is no long lead time to do real life shoot or create expensive low quality 3D models. Vmersive offers 3D environment to build your training use case in minutes.

use cases
Frontline processes

Vmersive helps frontline workers to practice skills, procedures, systems, and processes in realistic environments. Hands-on learning and realistic decision-making practice enable your people to rapidly acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

Employee induction

Get new hires up to speed with immersive training. Familiarize them with your sites across the globe without incurring major travel costs. Interact with operational teams, business leaders and colleagues in the Metaverse.

Customer service

Train your agents in a Vmersive 3D contact centre. Take them into real-life customer-facing scenarios in a hotel, hospital, coffeeshop, supermarket or even airport. Give them the confidence to handle difficult scenarios, for improved productivity and enhanced customer experience at scale.

Sales training

Your sales reps can virtually visit your operations centres and interact with global teams – so that they fully understand your delivery footprint and capability. Enable them to better understand your solutions by showing them in action in realistic

Soft skills training

Immersive training allows learners to explore and reflect on real-world emotional responses. Train employees on Diversity & Inclusion, company culture, managerial skills and more.

Key features

Customizable MetaSpaces

Instantly customize your MetaSpaces with logo, branding, media, hotspots to personalize every experience


Do business in the Metaverse with HD voice, video and chat in real-life 3D MetaSpaces


One platform to create Metaverse, VR and Immersive experiences on-demand in minutes


Create Virtual showrooms or showcase your product variants with the customizable interactive configurator


Details insights in to user engagement in your event with drill-down views and reports for informed decision making


Join by any web browser, powered by pixel streaming for fast lag-free experiences

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