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Immersive Experiences
VR experience
Immersive experience
for Telecos & Consulting

Connect to your prospects in a new way

Showcase the full spectrum of your solutions with the power of the Metaverse, and the Vmersive MetaSpaces. You can take your complex solutions straight to prospective customers in a real-life environment, with smart factories, offshore rigs, hospitals, banks, mines, farms,hotels and many more at your fingertips. When prospects become a part of your immersive pitch, you’ll give them a compelling reason to buy – reducing your sales cycle significantly.


of corporate revenue is expected to come from the Metaverse in 5 years

*Mckinsey & Company economics times
For telcos
Connect real and virtual worlds

Showcase your high speed, ultra-low latency networks that deliver speed and capacity. Take customers behind the scenes with personalized virtual tours through your command center or data center. And highlight relevant applications like worker safety, asset tracking and IoT-enabled information dashboards in an immersive 3D environment.

For enterprises selling products and services
Take your solutions to your customers

Telcos need smart meters, fiber optic cables and 5G towers to connect the world seamlessly. If you’re involved in this critical infrastructure, bring it life in your customer’s environment to boost confidence and close deals faster.

For consulting firms
Unpick distributed workforce complexity

Use the power of immersive experiences to show how your solutions help workforces thrive in the office, at home, or on the go, with both on-premises or cloud-based enterprise resources and tools. Bring your complex solutions to life in different customer environments, selling through faster.

Build immersive experiences on demand, all in one platform

Meet as avatars in ultra-realistic immersive 3D environments. Showcase your products or tech-enabled intangible solutions. Interact and collaborate in real time. Dazzle your audience by activating their multi-sensory experience.

Create multi-sensory VR experiences that engage and excite your audience. Immerse them in a highly interactive virtual walkthrough. Showcase your products or tech-enabled intangible solutions.

Host interactive 3D experiences in ultra-realistic 3D environments. Showcase your solutions in an immersive way. Interact, engage and collaborate in real-time.

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