Create Metaverse experiences experiences for Supply chain & logistics


Metaverse experiences
VR experiences
Immersive experiences
for Supply chain & logistics

Step into the future of logistics through immersive 3D

For integrated supply chain companies - showcase every step of your operations in 3D environments to set the right context - from factory floors to final delivery at the customer's doorstep. Demonstrate storage capacity, your scale, global presence and available routes,  to build trust and close deals faster.

For tech and service providers - showcase your AI-powered solutions like smart warehouse shelves, video surveillance systems, asset monitoring in realistic 3D settings. Allow prospects to get up close with your solution offerings tailored for the supply chain industry needs.

Use cases

Virtual Warehouse Tours for Prospects

Accelerate sales cycles by providing customized, interactive 3D walkthroughs of warehouses, supply chain hubs and quality assurance processes. Highlight safety practices, sustainability efforts, and automation capabilities. Overcome geographic barriers.

Accelerated Workforce Training

Shorten warehouse skill development timelines through hyperrealistic simulations modelling actual site conditions, protocols and equipment usage workflows. Enable risk-free, hands-on practice for teams without real-world hazards.

Optimize Operations with Digital Twins

Support reliable decisions on warehouse layout optimizations, shipping route enhancements etc. Create interconnected digital replicas of sites integrated with real-time IoT data and operational models. Visually simulate multiple live scenarios.

Interactive Logistics Equipment Showcases

Allow prospects to explore innovations in warehousing robots, packaging systems, shipment tracking solutions, and more - seamlessly set within tailored virtual environments illustrative of real-world implementations. Provide self-guided demos to showcase customizations.

Interactive Product & Services Demonstrations

Shorten sales cycles by visually showcasing innovations in smart storage systems, video surveillance platforms, inventory robots and more - tightly integrated within simulated warehouses, shipping yards and quality control labs tailored to customer segments. Allow prospects to explore unique capabilities and viability through self-guided demos.

Proof of Technology Implementation

Go beyond brochures to showcase technology usage driving process improvements - rather than just the technology itself. Provide walkthroughs demonstrating end-to-end orchestration of resources like autonomous mobile robots, sensors, enterprise software delivering services in a digital warehouse replica intended for the customer.

Boost Confidence in Supply Chain Innovations

Improve trust in solutions like real-time asset geo-tracking, predictive maintenance, unified logistics workflows by showcasing fully functional implementations integrated into ultra-realistic 3D supply chain environments mirroring real-world ecosystems. Convey value through interactivity.

Our Solutions

Vmersive Demos

Start your journey with Vmersive a leading Immersive Experience Agency

We'll strategize with you to utilize 3D for your business, develop your use case, design 3D environments tailored to your brand, and plan engaging interactions to deliver memorable experiences to global audiences.

Loads in ~30 seconds from any browser, device

High quality visuals and fidelity

In-experience interactions and simulations

Spatial collaboration with 40+ people

AI capabilities like virtual representatives

CMS to manage experiences and content

Real-time user engagement analytics

Integrations with enterprise digital ecosystems

24/7 support from expert team

Why Vmersive?

End-to-end service

We provide comprehensive services - from use case development, design to execution.

Agile and cost-effective

Our 50+ prebuilt worlds and interaction systems enable creating experiences in 3 weeks at 1/3 cost.

Reusable experiences

Create once, use anywhere - for events, sales enablement, customer experience centers, and websites.

Industry experts

10+ years serving B2B enterprises. The in-house team across 3D design, animation, and more to deliver.

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Create Metaverse experiences experiences for Supply chain & logistics


Metaverse experience
VR experience
Immersive experience
for Supply chain & logistics

Discover a new journey with the Metaverse

For businesses that are always on the move, Vmersive’s Metaverse platform offers a new way to market your solutions. Our suite of 3D MetaSpaces spans the end-to-end logistics journey, across warehouses, dockyards, smart factories, airports, and even an entire 3D city. All fully customizable to support any use case, in any industry.  


of supply chain management executives think the Metaverse will have apositive impact on their organisation

*Accenture Tech trends 2022
For supply chain providers
Show how you move

Take prospects on a journey with their cargo. Show every step, from factory floor to the customer’s doorstep. By demonstrating your capabilities across storage capacity, scale,global presence, operational efficiency and safety, you’ll boost confidence.And close the deal.

For tech and telecom providers
Take your smart warehouse on tour

If you deliver warehouse automation, provide IoT connectivity, or create tech solutions like smart shelves and AI-based video surveillance – this is for you. Boost sales by empowering prospects to zoom in on features, examine specifications, or follow walk-throughs to get up-close with all your solutions.

For logistics providers
Highlight your time-critical capabilities

Demonstrate how you ensure timely ecommerce deliveries. How you move temperature-sensitive vaccines. Or turn around trade show booths to meet tight deadlines. With Vmersive, you can create real-time, customized Metaverse experiences to recreate all these scenarios – and more – to secure prospects’ confidence in your capabilities.

Build immersive experiences on demand, all in one platform

Meet as avatars in ultra-realistic immersive 3D environments. Showcase your products or tech-enabled intangible solutions. Interact and collaborate in real time. Dazzle your audience by activating their multi-sensory experience.

Create multi-sensory VR experiences that engage and excite your audience. Immerse them in a highly interactive virtual walkthrough. Showcase your products or tech-enabled intangible solutions.

Host interactive 3D experiences in ultra-realistic 3D environments. Showcase your solutions in an immersive way. Interact, engage and collaborate in real-time.

Let 2024 be the year we innovate.

Let’s build your immersive experiences together.

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