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Recognize real business opportunities in the Metaverse with Vmersive. 79% of consumers active in the Metaverse have made a purchase. If you a company selling managed cybersecurity services, you can host your prospect in your 3D command center and show how it really works behind the scenes. Handle any objections by letting them interact with your team. Next take them to your demo gallery and demo all the digital products and technology you use. This is just one of the possibilities, with Vmersive empower your sales reps and affiliate partners to significantly shorten the sales cycle time. 

use cases
Demonstrate your use cases

Imagine if you are in the business of providing Digital signage in the real world. You can show your different signages in Vmersive prebuilt environments like shopping mall, airport, streets and more.

Show before and after scenario

Visually show how you can transform your prospects business. Imagine if you are in the business of providing IoT solutions for a factory, you can use Vmersive prebuilt factory to show the before and after scenario – giving confidence and better understanding to your prospect.

Virtual demos

Show immersive product and solution demos with Vmersive prebuilt demo gallery. Simply use the prebuilt template – add your custom branding and your demo videos. Empower your sales team accelerate deals.

Sell in real-life industry environment

Vmersive has 3D models of most industries like factory, warehouse, hotel, hospital, dockyard F1 racetrack and many more. Connect better and close deals faster by meetings your prospects in their industry environment.

Key features

Customizable MetaSpaces

Instantly customize your MetaSpaces with logo, branding, media, hotspots to personalize every experience


Do business in the Metaverse with HD voice, video and chat in real-life 3D MetaSpaces


One platform to create Metaverse, VR and Immersive experiences on-demand in minutes


Create Virtual showrooms or showcase your product variants with the customizable interactive configurator


Details insights in to user engagement in your event with drill-down views and reports for informed decision making


Join by any web browser, powered by pixel streaming for fast lag-free experiences

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