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for Energy & Utilities

The future of energy conservation is in the Immersive.

Immersive experiences gives the energy sector the chance to hone its services, and improve customer relations. Our Vmersive city offers an array of 3D environments to showcase your sustainable solutions to the public and private sector, including smart factories, homes, smart parking, solar and wind farms, hotels, hospitals, offices, commercial spaces, and even mines.


of the people will spend at least one hour per day in the Metaverse by 2026

*Source - Gartner
For enterprises selling products and services
Go on an eco-friendly tour

If you manufacture solar panels or smart meters that power energy conservation, you need a carbon-neutral immersive experience to demonstrate your product. Teleport prospects into the Immersive Experiences to show your solutions in real environments. Flag key features, give demos and run your media in an immersive sales pitch like no other.

For Telcos
Run your tech roadshow in the Metaverse

Demonstrate how your 5G connectivity, EV mobility solutions or smart meters are driving energy conservation in connected cities, businesses and homes. By bringing your solutions to life, you’ll sell faster.  

For enterprises across energy
Highlight your ‘go green’ creds

Demonstrate your sustainability credentials to potential prospects, conscientious customers or regulators. Show how you’re conserving energy via an Immersive Experience – it’s great for sales, and for spreading the green energy revolution.

Build immersive experiences on demand, all in one platform

Meet as avatars in ultra-realistic immersive 3D environments. Showcase your products or tech-enabled intangible solutions. Interact and collaborate in real time. Dazzle your audience by activating their multi-sensory experience.

Create multi-sensory VR experiences that engage and excite your audience. Immerse them in a highly interactive virtual walkthrough. Showcase your products or tech-enabled intangible solutions.

Host interactive 3D experiences in ultra-realistic 3D environments. Showcase your solutions in an immersive way. Interact, engage and collaborate in real-time.

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